Primefaces Datatable Row Selection Event

C# - How To Displaying Data From Selected Rows In DataGridView intoTextBox Using C# Source Code: http://1bestcsharp. dataTable tag doc; column tag doc; columns tag doc; PrimeFaces User Guide; Creating DataTable Programmatically; Responsive DataTable Example; DataTable Selection Event Example; DataTable Lazy Data Loading with Pagination and Filtering; DataTable Lazy Data Loading with Pagination and Sorting; DataTable Pagination with Lazy Data Loading. Setup! 12 2. OK, I Understand. How can I update my datatable by ajax row select function?What would it be the values that will be put on update parameter ? thanks for your helpHere is my code, there is a datatable and after I click one of the rows in datatable then it shows detail of that row in datatable below but there is a problem with update